Hodge Podge

Today’s a bit of a cop-out – I’ve got a deadline that needs wrangling (the bleedin’ thing’s like herding cats) and all my wee grey cells are therefore occupied. Well, mostly they’re getting distracted by anything shiny that passes by, but I’m going to force the wee fuckers to focus and produce something worthwhile today. I hope. In the meantime...

I forget who recommended Philip Pullman’s books to me – Bonnie? Diane? Someone else altogether? – but I’d like to say a hearty thank you! I started The Golden Compass last week and I am entranced, charmed, obsessed, etc., with the wonder of this world. It is an astounding book – Pullman has created a different world, both so familiar and so fantastical that I don’t want to stop reading. I suspect the next two in the trilogy will be acquired the minute I finish #1. Thanks for introducing me to this world, whoever you were. As for the rest of you? Go get these books. Buy, don’t borrow – you’ll want to read them again and again.

Got a question for the cat people. Mojo has a seriously thenthitive GI system – we suspect food allergies, but she does so poorly on the hypoallergenic food sold by the vet, that it’s hard to pin down exactly. Due to some bad chin acne (apparently, she’s hormonal – pretty accomplished for a cat with no reproductive organs), she got started on antibiotics, but got very nauseous, barfed, etc., so I’m giving her a chance to fight the pimples on her own. However, she’s taking a while to bounce back, has completely gone off her dry food after the barfing incident, leaving only wet so far, with which she has a really complicated relationship and she gets a stomach ache after she eats. Can’t give her Pepcid AC – it bothers her stomach (I know. This is what she’s like. Very contrary physically. Apparently, the universe believes in giving me a challenge). Although yesterday was the first day she seemed to be close to better, we lost some ground in the evening. I’m wondering if any of you know tricks for soothing an irritated feline stomach?

And now for something completely different... I’m pretty darn excited about this (scroll down to contributors).

I'm also pretty jazzed about this.

And so this doesn’t become solely book babble, cat questions and self-aggrandizement, a few links for your entertainment. First, why I will never, ever go through Heathrow again. Did it once about 20 years ago, hated it, avoided it like the plague since. With good reason.

This clip left me awed and teary-eyed. Read the notes to the right about the background before you play.