Last Minute Musings

I forgot what day it was, what with the Harry Pottering and… well, really, only with the Harry Pottering. I'm in the middle of chapter 31 and since about the mid-20s, I’ve had an overwhelming urge to go read something else for a couple of weeks, which is what I do when I love a book/series and it's coming to an end. Zoom through most of it, then take forever to read the last 50 pages, but I can't do that this time. Michele will kill me if I don’t hustle, because she’s been waiting since last Monday to speak to an adult about it and is not exploding with the waiting at all - I’m sure it’s merely altruistic interest in my health and well-being that she calls me daily to ask where I’m at in the book. Another reason for the desired break is the nightmares. Did I mention I’m a tad impressionable? Anyway, so there I was, hurtling out the door to a bright-and-early morning meeting - why must they make me think so soon after I wake up? - and all of a sudden, I realize it’s Wednesday and I have no post. So now that I’m briefly home between appointments, I’m just going to throw this thing at you I thought about yesterday and if you were looking for something more interesting, go back to Monday's post (and by the way? Most excellent commentary! More than once did I get caught unawares and spewed tea all over the keyboard. You people are seriously funny...).

Anyway… Have you ever played that game with yourself where you repeat a certain word over and over and over again until it loses its meaning? Sometimes I feel like that about watching people walk. I think I've mentioned before about it being so long since I last walked that I no longer seem to have a muscle memory of the act. I don't know if that's the reason or if it is the same phenomena as the thing with the words, but every now and again, when I watch people walk, it becomes very a very strange thing. Aside from the fact that legs are sort of weird when you really notice them, the movements involved in putting one foot in front of the other, the shift in weight, the bend of the knee, the differences in gait… it becomes incredibly surreal. If I had a video camera, I'd do my own artsy movie, composed only of 90 minutes of legs walking. Do me a favour - park yourself on a bench today and watch people's legs while they pass by - not for appreciative impact, but for the mechanics of walking separated from the whole of the person (hips down only) and then report back. Is it me or can it become almost alien (for lack of a better term)?