Obstacle Course

Thanks so much for all the birthday attention - it nicely met all my Attention Slut requirements for the day. Which, by the way, turned out to be absolutely wonderful. And was a nice contrast from this past weekend, which was a smidge frustration. To wit:

This past weekend was Buskerfest. Again. Seems like they have it every other month or maybe it's just that it's so much "Fun" that time constricts. This year, it's expanded from the past 3 days to 4! Yippie!!

By Sunday, it became necessary to go to the grocery store. It's halfway down that condo on the right. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, thought I and besides, I'm out of orange juice, hummus and cucumber. Necessities, y'know.

As it was taking me some time to navigate the crowds - where's that compass and cattleprod when you need 'em? - I decided to take in a few performances. This one was good.

But this one rocked! I think?

I liked the cow, though.

Mission accomplished without driving over too many feet (more from moral restraint than anything else), I decided to go sit in the park and listen to my iPod to simmer down.



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