I've Got Issues

We all know that reality shows are a scourge upon the earth and have no redeeming social value whatsoever. We should be reading Shakespeare instead! Saving kittens from wells! Single-handedly achieving world peace and ending hunger!

Now that we got that out of the way, can we talk about American Idol? Not the contestants, although Bo's my man, for single-handedly introducing good, old-fashioned rock to a generation raised on the pablum of Britney Spears, N Sync and the like. My issues are with the host, Ryan Seacrest. To wit:

1. Could somebody please muzzle him? Or at least explain the difference between a 'host' and a 'judge' and put a stop to his post-performance reviews, which are inevitably gushing, even when the contestant in question has utterly butchered a song.

2. What is it with the - and I apologise for the crudity, but it really is the only way to describe it - pissing contest he continuously tries to start with Simon Cowell? He is hopelessly outclassed and although there was a certain perverse pleasure in watching the tiger lazily swatting the wet, yipping Chihuahua, it's embarrassing and quite frankly, becoming deeply boring.

3. Lastly, while I am in full rant mode, could someone - gently - tell the man that his 'professional' smile is a little too forced. I have seen him smile naturally and he's quite normal-looking when he does. But the professional one? It makes him look like a giant bi-pedal carp.

Lene out.


Mom said…
Hey gir, I couldn't have said it better myself. THANK YOU.
Michele said…
I agree with the first paragraph as I am...what did you call me....oh, yes a t.v. snob. I'm proud to say although I'm not saving kittens etc, I have not seen a single survivor, apprentice, A.I. show.
Michele said…
ok, so, apparently I am supposed to eat humble pie even though my birthday cake is only hours away....sheesh!

Yes, I did watch one reality show, faithfully, I might add. Mad,Mad World. However, I watched this show as a bonding tool with my teenaged angsting son. I would not have watched it on my own. I might also add my brain is getting older (did I not mention birthday cake?) so I do not remember things very well. I have selective memory just like my mom....

I retract my comment from yesterday...I stand corrected.
Wee Dino's Dad said…
Well said. What is a reality show? One based on and presenting, solely, reality.

Survivor (tho I am a watcher), Big Brother, Amazing Race, and yes, even Trading Spaces... ARE GAMES SHOWS.

People competing, one way or another, for a prize or gain.

Genuine reality shows are Trauma: Life in the ER, Birth Stories, Airline, and even Family Plots (it is after all about real people's daily lives at a funeral home).

Sadly, to some degree so to is Gotti, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and that Robbie Kneival (sp?) show. Thanks A&E for utterly discarding the Art and severly dumbing down the Entertainment.

Sorry Lene, I think I should get my own blog... 'Nuff said (well, more than 'nuff, really? :)