The Idiocy Continues

This morning, the day after the 8th (or was it 9th?) Smog Day of the year (on MAY 10! Can we all get behind this real quick, please?), I naturally opened my windows. I've spent the entire winter with my windows closed (most of the time because they were frozen shut - I love living in Canada) and at the first sign of something that could remotely be called warmth, open they go.


Since then, I've been wheezing, sneezing and crying. Ah, Spring in the big city! Of course, this means a commensurate souring of mood - the word 'crabby' does not begin to describe things around here. To paraphrase the immortal words of Thumper's mother, since I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything (much) at all.

Besides, I'm spending the day with my new best friend.


Anonymous said…
I am here, and I love it.
More later.

Molly Wolf said…
Molly said:

Hey, in Eastern Ontario in May, if it isn't smog, it's pollen.

I too have just started blogging. Check 'er out!


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