This "Quote Of The Day" comes courtesy of a telephone conversation with Michele:

Her: I need to call George Bush.
Me: The President of the United States?
Her: Yep.
Me: er... why?
Her: They've been found. In Ajax. (Ontario)
Me: Wha...?
Her: Weapons of Mass Destruction. I've found them!
Me: You did?
Her: Embodied in four 11-year-old boys.

Shortly after this gem, our call ended when the birthday party started stalking her and we could no longer hear one another.

(p.s. Don't worry - she survived. The house? Not so much.)


Michele said…
Just to let you know the house is getting back to the normal every day mess.
The cake has been scrubbed off the walls, rug and chairs. The rug absorbed the pop quite nicely. The cats seem to enjoy root beer flavour. They do not seem to relish the ginger ale.
The neighbours report the flowers/plants/cars have also recovered at a very small cost. Thank goodness for insurance. The police have told me all the charges have been dropped. Too bad as I was looking forward to cooked meals and new friends....

One of the parents thanked me for inviting their child as said child slept in to 10:00 am the following morning; therefore causing them to miss the prime garage sale deals. At least I thought that is what they meant when they waved at me with their finger.
The bottle of wine I imbibed help drown out the noise of the not so much sleep (over).
But the best part, was that one of the parents offered to take my birthday boy along with their son for the day/overnight to their house.
That was my favourite birthday present!! Too bad I finished the wine already.

Next year, I am going to rent out space at the local monastery or army camp... Or perhaps someone may have a better suggestion.

Now I need to think what to do for my teenager's birthday in July. Suddenly, I have a craving for wine.....