About a week ago, I picked up something in my travels on the net.  Not the kind of thing you want to pick up, like the winning lottery numbers, the email address of an old friend or the meaning of life found on an obscure website from outer Mongolia (do they have internet access in Outer Mongolia?).  Oh, no.  This was something NASTY.  It made .dll files disappear, messed with my RAM and rendered several programs essentially inoperable.  And it was spreading.
Tonight, I sat down in front of the beastie, rolled up my sleeves and set to work.  I adopted a "don't mess with me" expression and a firm touch on the keyboard - the blasted thing needed to see I meant business.
And guess what?  I may have fixed it.  All by myself.  This, in case you are not appropriately in awe, is saying something.  I am entirely self-(and occasional friend-)taught when it comes to geekiness and therefore sort of an idiot savant; I know how to do things I've needed to do in the past, but repair?  Actual comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of the box?  No clue.  But tonight, it - temporarily, at least - looked like I knew what I was doing.


Michele said…
Ok, how do you feel now?