Photo Friday: Mummers

Every Christmas season, these guys show up around St.Lawrence Market. I'm not quite sure what mummers are about, but I love watching them.



Rick Phillips said…
Philadelphia has a large mummers day parade. I do not know what they are about either. Except it is a bunch of feathers and dancing in the street. It is fun to watch.

Kaz said…
It's an old English folk tradition - in the same vein as the old folk music and dancing. They're all related. I collect a series of vintage English boarding school books - the Abbey Girls, by Elsie J Oxenham, and she was involved in the folk music revival of the early 1900s, and its referred to now. Folk Music associations all over the world preserve and perform the music, dances and Mummer's plays, alongside Morris dancing and other folk traditions. Morris I've seen, and some of the folk dancing and music, but not the Mummer's play.

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