How to Enjoy the Holidays with Chronic Illness — #ChronicChristmas on CreakyJoints

I used to contribute posts to CreakyJoints and was very happy to be part of the community. Alas, when my workload increased, something had to give. I've missed that community, which is why I was thrilled when they asked me to write a guest post about the holidays and chronic illness (and perhaps mention Chronic Christmas)

Each guest post I write has a different approach to enjoying the holidays. This one shares tips about how to manage multiple holiday social events:

"The holiday season is full of joy. Singing along with the carols playing everywhere, giggling to yourself as you wrap the perfect present for that special someone, and eating all the cookies that somehow broke in the transition from oven to cookie tin. 

But let’s face it — the season is also very stressful. And when you live with chronic illness, reducing stress can be an important aspect of managing the symptoms and pain associated with your condition. So how do you balance celebrating the holidays and being kind to yourself?"

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