Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Illness

Are you going shopping this weekend? Does someone you know need a hint before they go shopping? My new slideshow on HealthCentral shares gift ideas for people with chronic illness - share it as blatantly or subtly as you like!

"Gifts and chronic illness
People who live with chronic illness are just like everyone else when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. A good present depends on the recipient’s personality and interests. But when someone has a chronic illness, there are certain types of gifts that may be very welcome. Gifts that show you understand the impact of the condition or that can help them get better quality of life.

Gift certificates
Gift certificates are especially useful when a person with a chronic illness can use them online instead of having to spend precious energy going to the mall. Something general, such as a credit card with a specific amount, may be better than a gift certificate to a particular store. The person may have a lot of medical expenses and might prefer to spend the money on medication instead of books or clothes."

Read all 11 gift ideas!


What an awesome list!! Thank you for compiling it and sharing it with us!

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