Lucy the Leopard

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has an undeniable urge to wear leopard print. Earlier this week, that urge came to Lucy.

The Internet argues that wearing leopard print shows a woman is adventurous and likes to show off, that it’s about power and confidence, and that it turns you into a sexy, bold diva. (‘scuse me while I go shopping for clothes. As an experiment that they might effect a fundamental change in my personality….)

A couple weeks ago, Jeanne of Genie4Pets Bling PetCollars contacted me on Facebook, offering to send me/Lucy one of her lovely blingy collars.

How could I say no?

Deciding on which collar would fit Miss Lucy best took a while — there were so many to choose from. Eventually, I narrowed it down to the turquoise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in Lucy’s size, so back to the shop I went. And that’s when I saw the leopard print and all sorts of bells went off.

It arrived quickly, packaged with some goodies — candy cane Pop Rocks! — and a lovely note from Jeanne.

Lucy had decided to wander off when I first unpacked things, so we had to return to the diva the next day. When I first spoke to Jeanne, I predicted thatLucy would not be impressed with having to wear a collar for the first time in her life. I furthermore predicted that this would no doubt be the first and last time she wore a collar and theorized that it might be a bit of a challenge to get her to sit still long enough to get a proper photo.

I forgot my cat’s nickname.

Lucy the Oblivious didn’t give a hoot what I did to her. She wasn’t too fond of having a camera in her face, but when I put the collar (loosely) on her, she didn’t budge. She also didn’t scratch at it, wiggle, or try to worm it off. She kept it on and seemed perfectly comfortable until I eventually took it off her. I might just put it back on for festive occasions.

Of course, her equanimity in the face of wearing this collar also made me think that she might be the kind of cat you can dress up. Oh, the plotting….

I was really impressed with the quality of this collar and even more impressed with how easy the breakaway function works. If I with my very limited strength can make the collar break away, this is a safe option for your cat. And in addition to be safe, it looks really good on Lucy.

Thank you so much, Jeanne!

Genie4Pets has a fantastic variety of blingy (and comfortable) collars for dogs and cats. Check out the store!


Rick said…
Lucy, looks incredible. But is she worried about wearing a print of one of her cousins? I mean Samantha the farting dog would gladly wear a wolf print collar but I do not know how kitty's feel about such things. LOL

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