Fuzzy Brains: RA, Pain and Cognitive Issues

Earlier this week, I had a medication-related senior moment so profound that it was the driving force behind the idea to write today's HeakthCentral post. Write what you know, right?

"In 2004, I was in one of the worst flares of my life, the pain so intense and omnipresent it cast a shadow over everything. For the first time in a long time, I had problems focusing. Where I once was able to relate a conversation in detail, now I couldn't remember what someone said half an hour ago. Where I once could have a vigorous debate lasting an entire evening, now I couldn't follow someone's argument from point A to point B.

Cognitive problems are the dirty little secret of RA. Many of us have problems with short-term memory, logic and focus, but no one talks about it. Admitting that your brain is not sharp as it used to be is really scary."

You can read the rest of the post here.


Diana Troldahl said…
GREAT article.
Exactly what I needed today. I have fibro and severe osteo arthritis as well as immune issues that mean I deal with a low grade fever most days.
(example of fog, know the word is different than severe, stronger, really bad ass bone eating osteo arthritis, can;t think of the word)
Anyhoo. Pain takes up a lot of room in your head. Perfect!

Trying to write book reviews or patterns with foggy brain means I leave a lot of words out (I put parentheses around a descriptive phrase about the word I am missing) and that helps when a sharp day comes along ot tidy up the loose ends.