A Study in Santa

I almost didn't yesterday. There were things I had to do, documents to review, Lists to vanquish.

And then, at the last minute, I found myself running out the door without quite realizing I'd made the decision to scuttlw work. Because it's where I've been for 15 of the last 16 years on a special Sunday just around now. It's the start of my Christmas.

It's the Santa Claus Parade.

I knew I was getting closer when I found exhausted band detritus littering the streets

and the crowds made it official. I was in the right place. By the way - thanks to the Toronto Police for excellent crowd control that meant I - and other short people, like children) - could see the parade

There was even an errant elf

I missed most of the floats, but the bands were excellent. This one was especially stirring - there's something about flags waving in the wind with the sun streaming through them that lifts your heart.

I got up close and personal

Mrs. Claus' float signalled the almost-thereness of Santa and that's when the crowd lost all decorum, everyone streaming towards the front

It's amazing how many people will position themselves in front of a person in a wheelchair, just to make sure they (and their 6-month-old infant) will be able to see the man of the hour

So I used the cues of the crowd to determine how close he was. Yep. Getting closer.

And here is my Santa Study

This year Santa was wonderfully interactive (as opposed to last year's model), directing the crowd in singing Christmas songs

waving to everyone (I love how many adults are there without kids, the giddy looks on their faces and how everyone sang along with Santa)

and saying goodbye for another year

And then, as I headed for home, I saw what is my other favourite moment of the day. Two handsome guys headed home (and the guys on their backs were pretty good-looking, too)

Every year, this day makes me happy. Thanks for bringing Christmas, Santa Claus Parade!



Diane said…
Mmmmm, mounts, mounties...add a few guys in kilts...let the holidays begin!
AlisonH said…
I love the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I love that your city has the parades it does, and that you got to get as close up as you did.
Diana Troldahl said…
What a wonderful way to start the season!
RA Guy said…
Thanks for sharing!
Leslie said…
With all those people in front of you, how'd you get those great photos of Santa?!
Lene said…
Leslie - he was up on a float and I have a kick-ass zoom lens. ;)

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