Foggy Morning

Last week I had an early morning appointment and got up at an entirely unreasonable time. It'd been a foggy night and by the time I got out of the shower, it was still early enough that the sun didn't have enough power to burn off the fog yet. Not surprising that close to it getting up. I don't have that much power immediately upon rising, either. 

And it was beautiful. I didn't have a lot of time to get ready, so I had to choose between putting on makeup and popping outside with my camera. Given the title of this post, you can probably guess what I chose.

I am so not a girl.

Herewith the best of the bunch:



Colleen said…
Good choice, the photos are gorgeous. And I am sure I would prefer you without makeup, too ;-). (hate makeup, myself!)
Amazingly atmospheric photos. Well worth the lack of lipstick!
Wren said…
Oh, I do love fog--morning, twilight, whenever-fog, mist, just above the ground or cloud-high.

Your photos are gorgeous, Lene. They make me want to visit Toronto in late fall. As for the makeup, well, there are priorities. Obviously, yours are in the right place. ;o)
AlisonH said…
Beautiful. And so San Francisco-y; I like it.
Cathy said…
I'm glad you skipped the makeup and went for the photos.They are absolutely gorgeous!
Diana Troldahl said…
I love those photos!!
Will you be having another show soon?
Or even publishing a book?
You have a wonderful way of connecting viewer to viewed.
mary said…
really nice