Emergency preparedness with a Chronic Illness

Sandy's made everyone re-think what they need to do in order to be ready for a potential emergency. Earlier this week, I wrote a post for HealthCentral about some of the extras you have to consider when a chronic illness is in the mix:

"As I write this, hurricane Sandy is gearing up to hit the Northeast part of the US and Canada and all those stories of a Frankenstorm are more than a bit unnerving. Every talking head on every channel is telling us how to prepare. There is video of boarded-up windows, long lines of cars headed out of coastal areas and empty store shelves, but not a lot of information about preparing for an emergency when you have a chronic illness or other type of medical condition.

Getting ready for a potential emergency such as hurricane Sandy involves planning ahead in several different areas of your life. Some of your plan will be the same as your healthy and able-bodied neighbors, but you will also need to make plans that specifically consider your RA."

The rest of the post is here.