Bliss, Redux

Three months ago, we went to see Cavalia's Odysseo and it was blissful. I claimed to be full, didn't need to go back again, but The Boy knew better. He'd occasionally drop a hint and finally, I knew, too.

I couldn't let these beautiful horses leave without seeing them again. So we did. It kicked off the Birthday Weekend celebrations and as before, the level of bliss was out of this world.

It's possible I was vibrating with excitement as with waited to go into the stables. because of course we were going to the stables.

While we waited, four of the performers came out to chat and meet. The big difference this time was that the horses faced us and were willing to be touched. Notice the beauty on the right - I've named him Mr. Nuzzly (because I didn't catch his real name) and he'll return in a bit. Very friendly horse.

I didn't name this one, but he had the softest nose

I know this because I got to touch it

Off we went to the stables to commune and the smell was divine. And so were the horses. I think this is Silver and and had a bit of a chat

David also found a friend

Some of the staff were kind enough to open stall doors so I could see better

There was frequent mentions of "please don't touch the horses!" No mention, however, of what to do when the horses insisted on touching you

At the end, we saw the two lovelies who'd stayed late to chat with the audience get a shower. Mr. Nuzzly was very fond of the water and insisted on getting sprayed in the face

We moved on into the stables and a few minutes later heard a call of "horse coming through" and moved to the sides. Mr. Nuzzly came up behind me and as he passed, stuck his head in my lap.


I'd happily pay for the privilege of mucking out their stables, if only I could run away with Cavalia and their beautiful horses. I hope they come back to Toronto soon.


Anonymous said…
Great pics Lene! Glad you got to enjoy being so close to the beautiful horses.
Diana Troldahl said…
The horses stole the show, but I gotta say, lots of mancandy in those shots too!
I hope they come close to me some time. My grandpa used to train belgians for the Amish (he was raised Amish) and he had one that used to follow me around so close ht would squoosh the back of my tennis shoe :-}
I still love horses... maybe I can get out for a day at a horse place sometime before the good weather is gone.
AlisonH said…
So. Cool!

There's a Cavalia show that's been advertised here, too; maybe I should go after all. I'm so glad you got to!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you had a good time Lene. It sounds wonderful! Love youur pictures! Rena :)
Gaina said…
Lene, I highly recommend you get tickets to see Monty Roberts if you can, he's a wonderful trainer.

Keep an eye on his website for dates in Canada.
Anonymous said…
Um Lene? I'm thrilled you had a great time! But that horse in the photo with the boy? Those are not "friendly" ears. Those are "closer so I can eat you" ears. or "GTFO OF MY SPACE" ears. I'm guessing it's a mare.
But you did get some GREAT shots, congrats!
Lene Andersen said…
Anon - I know the picture says The Boy's about to be bit (and when I took it, was thisclose to telling him to get out of the way), but in the next moment, the horse got very friendly. So... Only horse with conflicting body language and emotions? Bipolar horse? Who knows...

PS all the horses in the show are male, either stallions or geldings. But your comment about it being a mare - are they crankier that the guys?
Gaina said…
"PS all the horses in the show are male, either stallions or geldings. But your comment about it being a mare - are they crankier that the guys?"

Yup - Mares are not immune to PMS, I have first hand experience of this! :P