Nothing Fancy


A friend sent me an e-mail with an invitation. He has the possibility of going to a gala and since it's for disability related thing, asked if I wanted to come along. This is a transcription of the next few seconds in my brain:

I don't have it anything in my wardrobe that is remotely appropriate for an event qualifying as a Gala
I have a month to find something Gala-worthy
I haven't been out to something fancy in so long I don't remember how to act
Or how to dress
Would this mean I'd have to wear makeup?

The last fancy thing I attended was pre-big flare, a wedding in 2002. That's nine years ago and it wasn't until yesterday that I realized the lack of fancy in my life. Not that there was a lot of it before, but some, at least a couple of times a year and then the flare ate my life.

Life is made up of many things, of friends, work, family, groceries, paying your bills and every now and again, it includes a big celebration, the kind you dress up for and feel a bit like a different person for a night. And not having that, not being able to do that, sets your experience of life apart, shrinks it into something not quite "normal." Cuts off a part of your life.

I started Enbrel in 2005, had a bit of a derailment due to side effects and then Humira came along in 2007. Since then, my life has returned, gradually, slowly, expanding in big ways and small and I thought that I was, if not done with the growth, then touching all the areas I would continue to explore. And then the Gala came along and once more, my life took a breath and expanded into something that was new again.

And it makes me wonder yet again how much farther it's possible to go.


WarmSocks said…
That sounds like so much fun!
I like to get my fancy dress-up clothes off the clearance rack at bridal stores. Once I even found a formal (exactly the color I wanted) for $30.  Good luck finding attire for your gala :)
AlisonH said…
Go LENE! That is so cool--have a great time!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy getting all dressed fancy!!!
Marie said…
A fancy gathering once in a while does your heart good.