Acceptance and RA: Tangled Up in the If Onlys

This week on MyRACentral, I think about acceptance, the if onlys and a few what ifs...
"What would you wish for if there were no limits? What would you do if you found an old lamp at the flea market and it was the one with the genie in it?"

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AlisonH said…
Note that the little girl with the cochlear implant will now have the gift of hearing--but not of music. That part of deafness they can't do anything about yet. Does this negate the impact of the implant? Absolutely not. You do the best you can with what you're given and then you celebrate for what you've got.
k said…
I was just thinking this morning that I could probably run if I could do it in a hyperbaric chamber. But since I want to be outside, that won't happen. I just have to remember to slow down and breathe sometimes.
laura said…
first, I admire how graciouse you are the the people who left weird comments on the post at RA central. I couldn't have done it.

second, the land of if only is firmly off limits to me.  can't think about it.  and I am lucky, still able bodied to a large degree. I just can't think about y pre RA life.

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