I've been thinking about assumptions. More specifically, the assumptions made by certain bright lights in festivals and other organizations. Assumptions about the audience, the people who will come out to shop, to participate. Assumptions about whether these include people with disabilities, people who use wheelchairs or scooters.

And apparently, we aren't expected to attend Buskerfest. Or have the money to make a donation.

(to be fair, on days 2-4 of the festival, they did provide big barrels at waist height. You all know how much I love (grrr) Buskerfest and leap on any chance to rant about it, but I have to be fair. Dammit)

The local tourism board (of Toronto? Ontario?) is kind enough to set up a stall at the Market during the season to provide visitors to our fair city with information. Based on the height of that window (the top of my head may just peek above the counter), we don't travel, either.

Or buy condos.

And the winner is...

I decided to get the Tinks to pick today's winners and when I got them on the phone, I asked each of them to pick a number between 1 and 20 - clever that, as there were 20 entries. It turns out that they may have been just a bit too young for this game, because they picked numbers 1 and 20 - which works great for my sister, as she was the last entry (I swear, it wasn't rigged). Congratulations to Janne/TinkMama and Gramma Carol! Please email me with your address at landers5ATgmailDOTcom so I can get your calendar ordered. And Janne? I have your address, so don't worry about it.