7 Things

A while back, Laurie tagged me in the "7 things" meme and much as I like the theoretical idea of this one, my reaction was more along the lines of "seriously? How do I do this?". I've been blogging for 3 1/2 years and there are few corners of my psyche that I haven't already written about. Well, there are some, but I’m not willing to hang everything out there in public! So it’s taken me a while to get here, percolating on this in the back of my mind - it’s possible I may have been overthinking this a tad - and here they are. And here are the rules:

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Write 7 random things about yourself
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I have an overactive internal editor and automatically edit anything I read, although most of the time, I manage not to write irate letters to newspapers about the way they are bastardizing the English language and grammar, dumbing down beautiful and eloquent in favor of what? Hipness? So it fits the space rather than making the space fit the words? Heresy! The other day, I saw a Fox News compilation on The Daily Show in which the Fox caption read 'Obama Reax to Aunt news' and nearly had an apoplexy. Now the "news" - I put that in quotation marks because it’s Fox News and I can’t write it straight without giggling - organizations are getting in on it, too?? Mark my words, in another 10 years, that’s how we’ll be spelling "reacts" and I blame Fox! And by the way? It's pronounced nu-cle-ar, not nu-ku-lar!

I believe in love at first sight, but not the concept of true love.

I've never stolen anything in my life. Well, that is until a few years ago when I accidentally shoplifted $1.98 worth of peppercorn salami (it had fallen down the side of my chair) and because I didn't discover it until I got home and the weather was awful, I didn't go back to the store to pay for it. It still bugs me.

You know how everyone has a 'thing'? Mine is my hairbrush. I can't lend it to other people. No matter how much I love the person, there's something about someone else using my hairbrush that gives me the willies. I'd rather lend out my toothbrush.

When I’m depressed, I buy trashy celebrity magazines (Star, In Touch, etc). And never read them.

Clowns giver me the creeps. Always have, even as a kid. Every time we went to the circus, I cringed through the clown act until we got to my favourites. Which involved horses. I also never liked monkeys – when every other kid at the Zoo ran for the monkey pit, I went to that area, too, but only because that’s where the big cats were.

When I was a teenager, I wrote bad, angst-ridden poetry (but then, didn't we all?).

My seven taggees are Mary, John, Janine, Nikki, Trevor, Helen and Sarah.