Winner & The Postcard Project

A short post today - I'm running off and spend every minute I can with AB before her flight leaves.

First, the winner of Monday's contest. It could be argued that Michele's entry required a win for here lovely description of our friendship. However, that sort of smacks of cheating, especially considering the random choice aspect of the contest. AB chose comment number six and the winner is another outspoken female, who also wrote an excellent entry about her friend Jane. Email me at landers5ATgmailDOTcom with your choice of photo and I'll get on that as soon as possible. Note: you might want to wait until Monday-ish with choosing, as I haven't gotten around to updating my Flickr page yet.

And second. Beth is on a mission: to send out postcards to anyone who needs or wants one (including, in an amazing fit of generosity) George Bush should he ask for one. The goal started beng 1000 postcards, although considering how this project has taken off, it's possible the goal has changed to many more than that. If you or anyone you know needs a reminder that someone cares, if you just like getting mail or know a child who'd be tickled to get their own mail, hop on over to The Postcard Project for more information. No cost or obligation to you, just pure joy.