What I'll Miss About Summer

This week, Fall seems to have arrived with a certainty, which prompted me to think about what I’ll miss in the next 6-7 months.

Being warm
Being in less paim
Sunshine, strong, clear and bright, not pale and washed out
Not wearing socks

People walking slowly, with a smile on their face
Running errands in the morning before my hair dries (in the winter, it’d freeze)

The smell of freshly cut grass

Not taking 5 extra minutes to get dressed before I go out
Open windows

Connecting to joy being as close as watching dogs in the park

The smell of hot pavement after the rain starts
Patio restaurants

The sun setting well past dinnertime
Leaves the proper colour (green) and in their proper place (on the trees, not off
in the park
Short shadows

Sunlight shining through petals and leaves


Black thunderstorm clouds
lit by sunshine
Stopping to chat with friends, acquaintances and strangers about the lovely weather, their dogs, travel, food, pigeons and other important things

The smell of sunshine on my skin

Popping out to the grocery store for something I forgot late in the evening
Summer blue skies

Being able to go out whenever I want to instead of constantly checking forecasts for impending snow in order to stock up on groceries before I get housebound

The warm wind caressing my face
Laughing (easier to do when -40 winds aren't snatching the breath from your lungs)
The sound of cicadas
Purple sunset stormclouds hit by lightning
Waking up to blue skies
Open windows
Warm rain
Nature being awake

Did I mention being warm?

What I’m Looking Forward To About Winter
Wearing handknit socks
It being over

What will you miss?