Random October

Yesterday, it snowed in Toronto. Not downtown, so I didn't see it and can therefore pretend it isn't real. But it was. I need a drink.

Best Tink line in a while. On Sunday at lunch, Liam wanted a grape tomato. Janne cut one in two, at which Liam, who's currently very three, disconsolately claimed with tears in his eyes that it was "broken". His dad then explained that if it wasn't cut, it would be a choking hazard. And Liam wailed "I want my choking hazard!!". I believe grape tomatoes now have a new name in our family.

A Fresh Explosion (sent to me by Barbara in Nova Scotia). It never gets old.

Man succumbs to 7-year battle with health insurance (via Not Dead Yet).

My friend Michele and I once plotted a small business called Hate-A-Cake, in which customers would order a cake for specific nasty occasions and would get a confection designed specifically to commemorate said occasion. The boss you hate, the man who gave you an STD, that Mean Girl who bullied you endlessly in highschool. Dynamite optional. This is a little like that (sent to me by AmyAria, one of the community members at HealthCentral).

Some US cereals more than half sugar. Oh! My! GAWD!!!

Henry Morgentaler gets Order of Canada. I love my adopted country, but there are times where I feel compelled to rise and sing the national anthem. Damn, you made me proud, Canada!

Saw a reference to the G7 in a paper the other day. Isn’t it G8?? Did I miss something?

Rosanne Cash on why McCain should dump Plain and pick her as vice-presidential nominee instead (via Broadsides).

City Creator. Hours of obsessive fun.