TV Wrap-Up

It’s that time again. The television season is drawing to a close and I have to say goodbye to favourite companions. Herewith my take on a few. In alphabetical order, in order to not show favouritism. Wouldn’t want their feelings to get hurt, would I now?

America’s Next Top Model. My guilty pleasure – you have to love a show that made the word ‘hoochy’ known (as in “tone down the sex, you’re looking a little hoochy”). This year, I hated the way the product placements changed from “integrated into show” to having Jay Manuel actually do a little commercial as he introduces the product. Jade was also awful. I wanted a finale between Danielle and Joanie and got my wish. I know Danielle was just that smidge better and I loved her a lot. But Joanie… There was something about Joanie. That show actually does the best misdirection in reality TV land. In Survivor, you can always tell who’s getting booted by the fact that they make it look like they’re safe. In ANTM, they switch it up so much, I never know who’s winning.

American Idol. Loved this season. Loved that they raised the age limit, so that when I have impure thoughts about a certain dorky charmer, I don’t feel like I should wash my mind out with soap. I think Taylor will win and I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, he deserves it, on the other, I’d hate to see him eaten up by the Idol machine and releasing an awful, generic album, when he’s so uniquely himself. Probably going to buy it, anyway.

Bones. Love this show. Love that Brennan has shown growth, becoming less awkward (although I miss the trademark ‘I don’t know what you mean’ whenever someone’d be talking about pop culture). Great show, great female roles and when I grow up, I want to be Temperance Brennan. If being a forensic anthropologist didn’t require full use of your hands and other body parts, that’d be my next career move.

CSI. The best of the franchise – imitations (I'm looking at you, Horatio) can go home and wonder why they can’t attain the same level of excellence (no soul, too manufactured is my opinion). Good season finale, very different from last year's nailbiter (with Nick buried alive). This year? Emotionally satisfying.

ER. Watch it, but can’t really get too involved anymore. I may be scuttling this next year, although I’d miss them. They’ve become a bit like family, haven’t they? I do like the storylines about Darfur – socially responsible television. Who knew?

Grey’s Anatomy. Spolier alert: if you haven’t watched the finale yet, stop reading! The season finale. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe they killed Denny! I mean, I get that it’s a very gutsy artistic move (ER would have made such a popular character part of next season’s cast), but it felt like losing a real person. I am ridiculously emotionally invested in the characters, care not a whit that the medicine is at times sketchy – the human drama is so gripping. And they’re funny, too.

Lost. I’m confused, but helplessly hooked.

Survivor. Once Cirie and Terry were out of the running, I lost interest in who’d be sole survivor. I still watched – c’mon, I couldn’t not! – but I didn’t care. Shane was a delight. Especially once he began seeming less likely to grab a machete and start chopping up his fellow castaways. In the beginning, I worried.

So now I ease into a couple of weeks of twitching, having trouble getting out of the “what am I watching tonight” habit, but it won’t be long before I don’t think of turning on the TV for most of the summer, except for watching DVDs and Big Brother. Oh, and likely the World Cup. Speaking of Big Brother… Much as I think the All-Star shows are no fun at all – much of the delight of reality shows is getting to ‘know’ new people – Big Brother’s version coming this summer means I get to watch Kaysar again - I can't see him not be part of it. Unless they boot him immediately as happened to the strong players in Survivor All-Stars. Here’s hoping.

What TV show will you miss this summer?