Soul Patrol!

Well, that was entirely satisfying...

When I originally got sucked into the irresistible vortex that is American Idol, it was by accident – I was sick and needed something mindless. I didn’t watch the auditions – they were on 24 hours a day for weeks (or so it seemed) and mostly featured the Tone Deaf, the Awful and the Just Plain Weird. Not a lot of fun for me – it makes my toes curl in sympathetic embarssment and preferring my humiliation in smaller doses, I just can’t take it. I started watching when they went to Hollywood and after the three groups got the news, I remember calling my mother (we call each other in commercials. It’s like getting together for a fun time, without having to leave your respective homes) and saying “I’m going to watch because of the grey-haired guy”.

And last night, the grey-haired guy won!

Now, I’ve often argued that I wish he wouldn’t win, so he wouldn’t get chewed up by the Idol machine, but still… I had a silly grin on my face for a while after Seacrest announced it. Taylor’s a lovely singer, a fantastic performer who always gives his all in every single song (love that harmonica) and in general just seems like an awfully nice guy. Plus, there’s that crush, but we won’t talk about that.

Other impressions from the finale:
It made me want to see the tour – I’ll put up with Kevin Covais, Ace and Pickler for a chance to see Elliott, Mandisa and Taylor in concert. And Bucky. For some reason, I really like Bucky. So shoot me. I’ve talked before about how I think part of the reason I enjoyed this season so much was that the contestants were older (and, as a whole, better than previous years), so the concert might only have half the audience be screaming teenyboppers with signs. We’ll see how I feel in a week or two – I’m high on excitement right now.
I actually had a good time. Normally, I endure the appalling cheesiness just to get to the end - I tend to get a smidge invested in my idols - but last night? Last night was fun. Idol was fun! Who knew?
For a while, I was wondering how Bucky was able to be in two places at the same time. He was on stage, then a minute later, sitting in the audience, then after the next commercial, on stage again. How does he do that? I thought, very perplexed. Then I remembered he has an identical twin. Duh. Some days are blonder than others.
Loved the Golden Idols. Loved the contestants who had the guts to be dreadful in front of millions of people.
Loved the look on whatshisname’s face when he got to sing a duet with Clay Aiken – clearly his hero, clearly the best moment of his life.
Elliott has an unbelievably voice. He and his mom make me cry.
Was Toni Braxton drunk?
The Burt Bacharach thing made me reconsider getting tickets for the tour if that’s what they’re going to make them do. Yikes!
Prince? On Idol?? Holy crap! I’ve never seen him perform, but now I completely get Stephanie’s life-long love of him. Whoa, Nellie!

Did I mention how happy I am that Taylor won? So happy that I may get his CD. Here’s hoping they’ll let him be him.

And now that it’s all over, I am looking forward to getting my life back. Phew!

Are you happy with the results? What was your favourite moment from last night?