Random Things

Inspired by Mamacate.

Victoria Day was spent hanging out with the kidlings. We joke that they don’t really look like siblings, but more like their parents have been cloned - Liam's clearly a Biggs and there's no doubt that Morgan takes after the Andersen side of the family. Pictures will be interspersed throughout this post, as I couldn’t decide which not to include (just be thankful I narrowed it down to five).

Overheard in a store last week, one woman trying on rubber clogs, second woman telling her how great they were. “They’ll last you a lifetime,” she said, continuing that she wore them every day at work, 12 hours a day and “it’s been 3 years and they’re only just now starting to fall apart”. I always thought the human life span was longer than that…

I was talking to AlisonH of the comments and she mentioned Sea Silk by Handmaiden. Check the link. I’ll wait for you. G’ahead – you won’t regret it. See that picture? Was I the only one who moaned out loud (good thing it’s just me and the cat or I’d have to explain myself). Aside from the very cool seaweed aspect. It looks like it'd feel like water sliding through your hands. Now, I often click on yarn links - turns out that the yarn addiction is as hard to beat as the cigarette addiction – but my reaction tends to be “yummy. If I still knit I’d get some of that” and then I move in. Sea Silk? Not so much. I’m thinking of buying some. Not for knitting, despite being sure I could finagle a proxy knitter somewhere. Not for the “anti-inflammatory properties” (hey! Medicinal yarn!). Nope. For having. For decorously lying about. For sliding through my hands. Pet yarn.

I spent part of the Victoria Day long weekend catching up on taped entertainment and rented a couple of movies. After watching the season finale of ER, I would like to take back what I said about it in Friday’s post. Holy suspense, Batman!! Thanks to everyone involved with that show for reminding me why I watch it. Now I have to spend the next 3-4 months worrying about everyone.

One of the movies on the schedule was Shopgirl. I’ve loved Claire Danes since My So-Called Life (I’m still not over its cancellation), but although she was, as usual, lovely and talented, the movie is… erm. Like watching grass grow. Very pretty-looking, but moves so slowly that you can feel your youth draining away. About 40 minutes in, I decided I had better things to do with my life. Reminds me of that great quote I once read in a Dorothy Parker book review (at least, I'm almost sure it was her): “this book should not be cast aside lightly; it should be hurled with great force”. Gotta love Dorothy Parker.

It’s entirely possible that I am the last person in North America to read Life of Pi. I may also be one of the only ones to be sort of disappointed. I loved the beginning, but by half-way through, I’m… well. Distracted. Gone walkabout into another fictional universe. I do think it’s because of the audio format – the first part was so dense with ideas that I’d have loved to go back and re-read a sentence here, a paragraph there, thought about it some and then continue and that’s not really an audiobook thing. And I made the mistake of reading through, when I should have read it in half-hour intervals. I’m thinking vaguely of starting over and doing it right - possibly getting it in actual book-form, even if it'd take months to read - but it might be a while.

And speaking of kidlings, or rather, their father. May I have a drumroll, please? TinkPapa has finally relented to clamourings by the multitudes (and me nagging the crap out of him) – and gotten himself a blog. Go check it out!

The last one’s a little blurry, but they’re so damn cute I can't help myself…