Say It Ain't So!

(ed.: it's been brought to my attention that people who are new might not know of my... er... tiny obsession with Big Brother 6, could be confused by this post. So that's what I'm rabbiting on about)

My Kaysar is gone. Well, I suspect there might be several million North American women (and gay men) who are willing to fight me for him, but it’s my blog, my world and here, he’s my Kaysar. And he's gone just because he’s a nice man and an honourable man and that just makes it all much worse (and him more swoon-worthy).

I will admit that had it not been a member of the Fiendship who orchestrated this move, I might have chortled in glee. Instead, I want to… well, better not say what I want to do to Ms. Cartwheeling Cheerleader. I’m trying to lead with kindness, really I am, but when it comes to the Cult of Cappy, it’s not easy. They are so smug, so hypocritical, so lacking in any interesting personality traits whatsoever. Take Beau, for example. Clearly CBS were trying for Marcellas 2.0, but failed miserably; his “big, chocolate pee-pee” (quoting the houseguests here – I’d never use that term) might be the only thing that distinguishes him from a houseplant. Maggie… well, Maggie is only vaguely cap(!)tivating when she speaks of Eric, at which time her face becomes radiantly soft and you’re left wondering how her boyfriend and Eric’s wife feel about that. April is a gossip who gets other people to do her dirty work and… well, you get the picture.

And speaking of CBS. I don’t think it’s quite a coincidence that they kept showing Kaysar saying ominous things and looking very… shall we just say intense? We never saw anything but tiny glimpses of the compassion all of the houseguests – even the morons – have spoken of; apparently, he was the one they all went to for a shoulder to cry on. I think they (CBS) were at the very least trying to set him up as the Machiavellian genius of the season (typecasting, much?) and were only thwarted by him being a such decent person. It’s not like they’ve shown Beau’s discussion of his past in an “escort service” or Ivette referring to Kaysar as “Osama bin Laden” and “suicide bomber” (seen on several forums for BB6). Nope. Ivette’s portrayed as a sweet and na├»ve girl who makes fun games, but we all remember her viciousness early in the season and it’s starting to tick me off that we don’t see what a racist she is (nicely done for a double minority, dontcha think?).

I’m of two minds. Part of me wants to stop watching in disgust and solidarity with my Kaysar. Part of me wants – nay, needs – to see what happens when the idiots at Camp Cappy’s Sheep have to turn on each other.


(I may just have demonstrated what happens to a perfectly normal and mostly sane person when exposed to reality shows. Save yourselves. STEP… AWAY… FROM… THE… TV!)