Go, Kaysar!

Please note: the following post can only really be understood by people who watch Big Brother 6. if you do not, don’t bother reading it. In fact, I urge you not to, as you’ll not only be mystified, but likely to mock me in the comments.

I’ve watched every Big Brother since its inception. I love the inanity of it – it’s the TV version of a fantastic beach read. Totally engrossing while immersed in it, utterly forgettable the day after the winner’s been announced. During the run, I gradually get so sucked into the BB universe that I start dreaming about it. Not until it’s been part of my life – 3 shows a week! – for about two months, but then... I have the odd Big Brother dream.

When I tuned in to the first episode this summer, I was very disappointed at the cast – so young (the oldest is in her mid-thirties!), so pretty, so ridiculous (I’ve just described almost every reality show contestant out there). However, my rule with any new show (reality, drama, whatever) is to give it 3-4 tries, as they often improve as things go along. And am I ever glad I did. By the beginning of the second week, I was hooked on what is possibly the best Big Brother, evah! (oops, sorry – that’s Bachelor speak)

It’s all because of Kaysar. Tall, dark and handsome (that man’s born to have a goatee), smarter than all the rest of the houseguests put together, ethical, honest and did I mention sexy? That moment when he shook the Chenbot’s hand while bowing slightly sealed it. I’m a sucker for elegance.

Yes, I've had impure thoughts about him. Very impure.

By the fourth week, I was heard to describe Tuesday’s show as “the best hour of TV I’ve seen in ages”. Kaysar’s engineering of Eric’s the Psychotic Fire Captain’s ouster was masterful. When Eric’s little cult voted out Kaysar the week after, I was thisclose to not watching anymore. The rest of them couldn’t come up with an even vaguely interesting strategy if their lives depended on it.

Enter America’s Choice! The second perfectly brilliant moment of the season came when the audience voted to bring Kaysar back (by 82%!). The third brilliant moment came when the steroid-infused fireplug stood there blinking stupidly trying to process that America chose an Iraqi-American, Muslim man with his own mind, rather than a fire fighter, family man and cult leader (oh, c’mon! “The Friendship”?? That’s so a cult). Classic.

It's a good summer.