In the Wind

After a week of being entirely adult, doing all kinds of things I’d rather not and having Mojo’s stay at the vet’s extended through the weekend, I decided to be decadent and have a No responsibilities Weekend (NRW).

Kicked things off nicely on Friday evening by having a lovely dinner with my friend Andrew. Great conversation over grilled salmon with an absolutely fantastic tomato-basil salsa, which rendered me utterly incapable of stopping when I was full. I was a total pig. Made even better by Andrew insisting on paying, which was very in the keeping with the NRW theme.

Had a perfect acupuncture/massage by the incredibly talented Liz (who really should get a website so I can plug her business by relentlessly linking to her).

Sat in the sun watching a guy play soccer with his dog while listening to Mike from troubled diva’s latest podcast. Lots of good music, perfect for summer sunshine listening. My favourite (but not exactly light and summery) of the bunch was “Bugger Bognor” from the album Das Capital by Luke Haines & the Auteurs. Find it, give it a listen, it’s as great as the title suggests (if it wasn’t $40, I’d buy it and I still might, if I can’t find it cheaper elsewhere).

Ate ripe, spicy cherry vine tomatoes, dipped in coarse kosher salt. Heaven.

Saturday, after dinner, I went out for coffee and didn’t rinse my plate first. Left it on the dining room table, in fact. With a crumbled-up napkin on top. Unheard of. This may have been the most significant expression of my relinquishing responsibility utterly and completely. Feel more than a little embarrassed about it, in a sort of astonished, slightly giggly way. Possibly a bit skeevy, too. Not skeevy enough to not blog about it, though…

And… took no pictures. Not a one. Can’t even make this into some amusing/twee (depending on your point of view) photo essay, because, well… if you leave the plate on the table, you’ve pretty much abandoned all sense of civilization and concern for others, haven’t you?