Moods of A Frozen Lake, III

This is the last post in a tirptych. Also see Part I and Part II.
When I showed my mother some of the photos from my trip to the lake during the brief respite from the cold, she said "wow, that'd look amazing in sunshine!"


The next day, we were back in the deep freeze as indicated by the brilliant sun shining in the sky. So naturally, I had to go back to the lake. It was all my mother's fault. But I'm glad I did.

The dock area was still a flat sheet of ice, but past that, there was a channel of deep blue water. That surprised me a bit - it'd been frozen 24 hours before and already back to minus plenty for half that time.

The sun made everything shine

and the spot that was so bleak the day before was now brightly beautiful

There were still ice floes and that made me happy.

Where had been monochromatic the day before, was now anything but

I turned around and saw this. Then just sat there for a while, drinking it all in.

And because I stayed, was the lucky witness to an incredible sight.
There are moments in life so beautiful they take your breath away. And sometimes, you're lucky enough to have your camera with you when they happen. 


Later, I found out that a group of ducks on the water is called a paddling. Which is nothing but charming.


Wren said…
A paddling of ducks.

Hehehehehhh. THANK YOU for the smile that just gave me!

And your photos are gorgeous. Again. Your mom was right about the sun, but I think the gray shots are equally as beautiful, just in a different way. Thanks again for sharing them. :)
Diana Troldahl said…
A valentine from ducks to you. :-}