Moods of A Frozen Lake, II

After the icestorm and several days in the deep freeze, we had a respite of above-freezing temperatures. So naturally, I had to head to the water again to see what it'd done to the lake. It's possible that after my first excursion to the frozen lake, I'd become a bit obsessed.

This time, the dock and the lake were both frozen

There was no open water for the ducks. Instead, they hunkered under the eaves of the building, only occasionally coming down on the ice. Occasionally make a very funny slide-y landing

The ice had so many different colours. Near the dock, it was white in places and green in others

The dock area was also the place where all the different waterfowl sought shelter, swooping in as the ferry headed for the Island

Down by the shore, it got beautifully bleak

Even further down the shore, large ice floes had frozen together like a jagged jigsaw puzzle. With the overcast sky, naked trees and ice, it was positively monochromatic. This photo is not in black and white. Really.

On the way home, the monochrome changed and I realized how colourful a bleak winter day can be. I sat by the shore breathing "so many colours!" and had a very hard time leaving all this gorgeousness.