Moods of A Frozen Lake, I

I have never seen the lake iced over. When the lake's a sheet of ice, it's too cold to go there, so I never went. Instead, I looked at photos of the frozen lake and longed to go.

A couple of days before Christmas, The Boy and I went shopping close to the waterfront and I enticed him to wander down a little further, despite the rain. After all, he had an umbrella, didn't he? Because he is a nice man, we went and while I ran around with my camera exclaiming "look at the ice!" and "will you look at that! It's ICE FLOES!!" he patiently followed me, carrying groceries and holding an umbrella over my head.

There are moments when some might call The Boy long-suffering.

But the results were worth it. Because: just look at the ice!

The dock by the sugar factory was all iced over

Very iced over

The ferry to the islands was skirting the forming ice

and if you mess just a tiny bit with the photos, it's like a dream

I promised you ice floes and here they are

The lake was as still as glass, so still you could see the raindrops. Only the wake of the ducks and geese - in this case a long-tailed duck - rippled the surface

It was a dream



Wren said…
Gorgeous shots, Lene. Just gorgeous. I'm not sure what causes it (my Finnish ancestry?) but like you, I love the way ice and snow looks. And I don't mind being out in it as long as I'm dressed appropriately. My whole family, except for my daughter, thinks I'm out of my mind. So daughter and I are planning a someday trip to Finland, where we can see all the snow, iced-over lakes, bare trees and (if we're lucky) distant relatives we like.

So here's wishing you cozy warmth and comfort as this new year gets underway. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

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