September Sunset

After I got Regan a new left motor last week, The Boy and I took her out for a run to make sure there wasn't going to be any more shenanigans (like abruptly stopping in the middle of the street. Again). It was a beautiful late summer day with not a cloud in the sky and as it headed toward sunset, we went down to Sugar Beach.

We got there just in time to see the ducks starting to tuck themselves in for the night.

A bit further down by the water's edge, I looked across towards the gap between the shore and the islands and wondering if it were the flame of the sun that had stripped bare these trees. (more likely this)

Everyone were headed home after a beautiful day

When the wake of the boat hit the dock, it created a beautiful counterwave going back out again

This little one was late getting home to go to bed


and these little ones made me understand how brilliantly nature camouflages. At dusk, they are almost invisible in the sand

As the sun sank lower, a ship passed a big boat


It was time to go home. On the way, evening  gave way to a night of the bluest blue



Pam said…
Elegant and beautiful. Felt like I was there with you. Great narration of great photo graphs.
AlisonH said…
Beautiful, and thank you for the reminder. I love that you have the freedom to enjoy the water there. We have started to get to ours more often around dusk rather than just wishing there were no UV reaction and doing nothing--there is so much that is just not to be missed. Time's a-wastin'.
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