A Visit from Good Friends

August got off to an excellent start with a visit from my sister-friend AB and her family. AB and I have known each other since Grade 1, so they arrived just in time for she and I to celebrate our 44th anniversary. We have big plans for six years from now…

We spent a wonderful four days hanging out, noodling around the neighbourhood and eating good food. in other words, the perfect visit. As is my wont, I did all of that with my camera in hand. When it comes to photography, I follow the adage that you take a lot of shots to get a few good ones. During this visit, I was surrounded by extremely photogenic people, so I got a lot of good ones. Herewith a small sampling.

AB at Sugar Beach


Bjarke, AB's husband


Camilla, their oldest, now attending university in Scotland


Christoffer aka Chris, recently home for a year as an exchange student in Utah


Janne/TinkMama came in with the kids


Remember five years ago? Here's the "arms full of Tinks," 2013 version


The Tinks loved having Camilla and Chris to play with. Camilla took them racing up and down the stairs in my mother's building (don't have a shot of that, though) and Liam thoroughly enjoyed creating his own little Boys' Club

Both the kids to go over Chris and Camilla's iPods

I'd like to enter this in the Not Related At All category,

Liam was fond of Muffin's toys

This photo was right after he (unwittingly) told his first slightly off-colour joke. And then didn't understand what was so funny

AB and I hung out in St. James Park and I got her to model her spectacular hair

Bjarke's quite nice, too

And then they went home again. This photo makes me verklempt because four people whom I love very much were leaving. On the other hand, it also warms my heart - because they're all walking in step.

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