Shades of Green and Pink

We had one bright, sunny day and the... more rain. The good thing about rainy days is the way it washes the world into freshness. So naturally, I had to go out and celebrate! In a lucky - and unconscious - bit of good timing, it's also the height of of the peonies blooming

I also found a big bed of hostas, saturated with green

The peonies ranged from buds 

to blowsy

and the hostas looked like they were scattered in pearls

I went in for a closeup

and at the end, went by the masses of roses down the street that have just started to bloom, just as the peonies are coming to an end

The rain made my body hurt, but the walk made my soul happy. Not a bad trade-off,


These are a delight to look at, Lene!

What other skills are you hiding? :)
AlisonH said…
A peony for your thoughts.

The hostas with the mostest.

Diana Troldahl said…
I think paeonies are my favorite flower. I wish we had Smell-er-net!
k said…
Hey, I just realized that since I see you all the time on Facebook, I haven't been coming here. Dumb, that.
Thanks for the pretty pictures! We've just gotten to the lilac phase of the program. Rumor has it that late summer will be long and warm, to make up for this.
Anonymous said…
Your camera and your photographic eye are phenomenal Lene!!! Those drops of water look like there are uncharted territories and worlds inside them. Beautiful!!!
Anonymous said…
very pretty pix! you are lucky to be able to be out and about amid the flowers. i can only look at them out my window.

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