Festival of Tongues

Last weekend, we went to the annual "immerse yourself in canines" festival a.k.a.Woofstock. It delivered just as much fun as usual, except with the odd exclusion of funnelcake. I've been talking about dogs and funnelcakes for months and was very disappointed to only find one of the two anticipated delights.

However, when it comes to dogs, this festival delivers. The delay in posting was due to the time it took to wade through several hundred photos and narrow them down to something reasonable. And then narrow down some more, because 30 photos of dogs might be a tad excessive, even for me. I discovered that my new camera absolutely rocks in terms of catching fast movement, so there were a lot less blurry shots, adding to the difficulty. Herewith some of the best.

Some dogs were really excited to be there

others a touch more hesitant


there were meet and greets




and somewhat more senior gentlemen


also the inexplicable


As usual, the large fountain in the neighbourhood had been converted to Doggy Heaven, complete with balls, frisbees and ducks. This guy was particularly enthusiastic, retrieving duck after duck after duck. I'm pretty sure he was still going by the time the sun set

This one loved the water, as well.

Although the day wasn't too warm, the excitement and energy in the air was enough to make everyone pant (even a few of the humans)

Some were dressed up in snazzy costumes

There was even a two-headed dog!

some of the dogs were truly talented in what they could do with their tongues. This one could lick its eyebrows


And this one could curl it into a roll

Not sure how much of this one was fluff and how much was dog

They ran the gamut from really large

to really small

and all of them were wonderful.


Hahaha.. the last little guy with his tongue sticking out made me laugh.

I would love something like that! I love dogs!
Anonymous said…
Love your photos. You have captured some amazing personalities here. I love dogs and have four myself. They are some of the best people I know! LOL