Fibro Warrior of the Week (#24)

Thank you very much to Fibro Daily for asking me to be their Fibro Warrior of the Week. . They asked a lot of good questions about living with fibro:

"FD: When did you first suspect that something wasn’t right? What happened?
Lene: I started noticing something weird in early 2004. I’m used to JA pain, but this was different. My mother has had fibromyalgia for a couple of decades and thought that might be what was going on. I mentioned it to my doctor and rheumatologist, but they both didn’t think so at the time. I was pretty sure, though.

That all sounds very calm and logical, but it was a crazed time in my life. Despite living with chronic pain since I was a trial, this was a completely different kind of pain. None of my coping mechanisms worked. I also felt like I was losing my mind — one of my symptoms was that the more I flared, the harder it was to focus. I would be at my computer, intending to write “orange”, but what appeared in the document was “filing cabinet”. I’ve since learned that when I start transposing words, it’s a sign that I need to go meditate, take muscle relaxants, etc., because it means I’m flaring."

The rest of the interview is here.