I've been a bit absent this week — okay, a lot absent. As described on my Facebook page, I hurt my right hand this weekend. More specifically, the tendon in the knuckle of my right middle finger is having a massive conniption fit. It has been opined by "funny" people that perhaps I shouldn't Proffer the Penguin - thanks to Gaina, our new term for The Flipper - quite so much, but I don't think that's what did it. Regardless, this is what my hand currently looks like

and it effectively prevents me from doing almost everything. Here's a story to keep you entertained while I sit still and heal.

Last weekend (before the injury happened), The Boy and I went out to do a photo shoot with the paperback edition of Your Life with RA. Which has made me vaguely consider bringing a copy everywhere I go and doing a sort of ongoing Book Book travelogue. Yes? No?

Anyway! On the way home, we passed my favourite clothing store — favourite because they have lots of bright colours and inexpensive, but well made clothing. "I just have to check…" I said and zoomed in to see if there was anything interesting. I thought The Boy was right behind me, but he elected to stay outside because he thought I said "just a sec."

Now, I'm not a browser by nature. I will move through a store at a fairly brisk pace, scanning racks for anything that looks interesting. I've been known to (correctly) assess the lack of anything interesting in less than a minute. However, on this particular day, I did find something that qualified as interesting, grabbed it and lined up by the cash. 

After a couple of minutes, The Boy appears next to me.

"I thought you were just going to be a minute," he says. Before I can gather enough breath to reply, the man in front of me turns around, exclaiming, "dude, is this your first day?" He then continues to expound upon the stereotype about women and shopping.

"Normally she's not like that," The Boy says. Wise of him, that was. With this token nod to actual reality delivered, the two of them engage in a brief but spirited exchange of opinions about women and shopping. The guy behind us joins in. His female partner and I appear to be invisible.

And that's when I realized I was in middle of a Bro Moment. I've seen them before, both in real life and in movies, but not actually ever been the source of one.

It was pretty entertaining.


AlisonH said…
Oh that's too funny. Glad you found something fun all around!
Anonymous said…
Oh the power of male bonding. LOL Absolutely travel with one of your books everywhere you go and photograph it! That would make an awesome project. Just to see all the places your book would go. I am so sorry about your hand! Ouch! Take it easy and get well soon.