On Living Well with a Chronic Illness

I am beyond thrilled to tell you that I've joined CreakyJoints as a regular blogger. They're a terrific organization and do important work for the inflammatory arthritis community - I've been a faithful reader of their posts for years and am pretty chuffed to be part of the group now.

My first post for them is about the origin of my perspective on living well with chronic illness. More specifically, two moments from my past that have shaped who I am and how I think about living with RA. The sources of inspiration: my parents and a psychic:

"I had a great time writing a guest post for CreakyJoints a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled when they asked if I wanted to become part of the team. After years of reading the great posts published on the site, of course I wanted to be part of the team! My little corner will be called Lene’s Seated View. Like the title suggests, my thoughts on living well with a chronic illness will occasionally be of a slightly philosophical bent.

So, what am I on about with this talk of living well with a chronic illness? I come at this issue from the perspective of someone who's lived with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) since I was four years old, giving me over 40 years of experience with the disease. Medications for RA that actually work are relatively recent and for most of my life, treatment consisted of painkillers. It was a big moment the day they handed me Orudis, an NSAID, which helped control the pain better than anything I'd tried before."

The rest of the post is here.


congrats, glad to hear your full time writing continues to reach new audiences.

Just watched The Wire yesterday and thought of you.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing your great posts there as well as your home site.