Functional MRIs: Making Pain Visible

This week on HealthCentral, I wrote about some very interesting studies of what happens in the brain when you're in pain:

"Have you ever felt that your doctor underestimated your pain? Have you ever felt that others didn't believe you have pain? Have you ever wished you could prove that you're in pain? An exciting new development has wide-ranging implications for the assessment and treatment of pain.

Studies of Pain Using fMRI
Researchers are using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study what happens in the brain when people experience pain. Functional MRIs provide a sort of 3-D movie of the brain as it response to pain."

You can read the rest here 


AlisonH said…
My daughter needs to see this. Thank you, Lene. Her rheumatologist doesn't believe in giving pain killers to lupus patients. I know!