Help Me Make a Paperback

You may have noticed I've been a bit scattershot in my approach to posting lately, but I have a good reason. Several good reasons. There's been a rather a lot of work, a lot of book promotion and just recently we dove into making the paperback.

This means reading the damn book again. Not that I don't like my book — I am quite proud of my baby and when caught unawares will admit to thinking it's pretty good. The reason I am saying bad words in connection to the book is that I have read the damn thing (oops, there it was again) at least nine times since November and thought I wouldn't have to do it again until putting together the second edition a couple of years from now.

Nope. I wanted a paperback. Which is a good idea, because a lot of people have told me they want a "book book," something they can hold in their hands, lend to their friends and family and so on. And to be honest, I want a book book, as well. I'm thrilled to see Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis listed on Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kobo Books and the other places where it's being sold, but I still need to hold it in my hands.

So. I have to read it to make sure that the format changes when going from e-book to book book look nice and catch any remaining typos and errors. Because I have read the book so many times, I may not notice things that need correcting – I know what it's supposed to say and so, my brain supplies that instead of what it actually says. My brilliant copy editor are (thanks to Laurie for catching this Dragonism) caught 99.9% of my errors, but certain things were changed in formatting the manuscript for e-book and… Well. There were a few opportunities for errors to slip in.

And this is where you come in. Readers are the best copy editors. They haven't seen the text before and are therefore much more likely to catch a misspelling or an extra space. Would you please help me make the paperback better?

If you bought the book and have read it, did you notice any typos, misspellings, errors, extra spaces or anything else that needs fixing? If you did, please leave a comment on this post and let me know what it was.

PS we did catch the missing P in Suppress in chapter 4!


knittingyoyo said…
I am excited you are doing a book book. I love a book in my hands and marking in it in different colors. Can't wait for the hard copy to come out!
Leslie said…
I bought your book and read it but if there were any typos I ignored them - it happens - sometimes I have even seen this in best sellers. (Speed to the printer I guess!) But I enjoyed it well enough to read through again with a red pen, lol! I think you should write a little brochure - is that the word I want? - that we can use to explain RA to friends and family. Not as much to read as your book but something that will let them have a better understanding. Just a page or two.
Cathy said…
Wouldn't you die if someone sent back the entire book full of missing commas?
Sallie Ferguson said…
I didn't spot one single error in the book but I was so engrossed that the words jumped out of the page, so not sure I can be of help here.