Snow Snow Snow

There was supposed to be a post with words today. Y'know... thinking. But I've been crashing for 10 days, winter's giving me some "interesting" pain levels and I don't have the energy. So instead, more photos.

Canadian winter has come back and is making up for lost time. In the past week, we've had three significant snowfalls (i.e., enough that I'm housebound). It's wearing a bit thing, but I'm enjoying the opportunity to get out there and play with my new camera.

It all started Boxing Day when we got 10cm, making for a very pretty evening

The next morning, everything was covered

It took a few days before I could go further than the sidewalk in front of my building


Yesterday, snowfall #3 arrived, with big fluffy flakes making my little street look more and more like Narnia

Beautiful, cold and a bit of a pain in the arse. Ahh, winter... It's what makes us appreciate summer so much.


Ah, Lene, your photos of the snow are just beautiful. I love the winter, especially when it snows. You make me hope that I can visit Toronto someday--it looks to be a really pretty city.

Happy New Year! I hope you'll be feeling a lot better soon.
AlisonH said…
Beautiful. You're making me miss the quiet of a freshly snowy day. Such a magical time (brrrr, though).
Marianna said…
I love these images. You wield a camera as easily as the words you use!

Hope your joints settle soon.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. I really love the icicles. Think I'd stay inside in the warm & admire from afar.

Canada looks like a beautiful country.

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