Night Shots

As I may have mentioned once or twice (okay, 35 times), I got a new camera for Christmas. I love my old camera - it performs wonderfully in natural light and has a kick-ass zoom. I've always been frustrated by its performance in low light, though. Also? It's amazing what happened in the camera world in the past four years. I love The Board Boy for advanced a vast - Dragon was less than cooperative when I wrote this - number of reasons and one of them is that he enables and indulges my tech lust. Such as giving me a new camera. My new baby is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V. Over the holidays we wandered out to test how it did in the dark. All of the shots in this post are SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) with no editing.

The Market's all lit up for the holidays.

This makes the Flatiron Building look like the mothership has landed

It was cold, a few days after we'd been repeatedly dumped on by the weather gods

Not too far down the road there's a fairytale area of twinkling lights

We weren't the only ones out - a woman brought her daughter to look at the magic


On the way home, I found this iced-up planter bathed in blue light

Needless to say, I'm pretty impressed with the camera's performance. I'm still learning how to use it, but does it ever come through in low light!


Vanessa Collins said…
30Those pics are so great, Lene. I want one of those cameras! I am showing this to my DH! :)
Diana Troldahl said…
WOW! Those are some gorgeous pics. Like an extension of your artistic vision :-}
AlisonH said…
VERY cool! Beautiful shots, and my thanks to His Camera-ness!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos Lene! I love all the lights and your new camera captures them beautifully. Your artistic eye really shows thru in these shots. The Boy is a true gem! :)