Perfect Birthday Wishes

Today is this handsome man's birthday

This quote by modern philosopher Slavoj Žižek in the movie Examined Life resonates with both of us "Love is not idealization. A true Lover knows that if you really love a woman or a man, that you do not idealize him or her. Loves means that you accept a person, with all its failures, stupidities, ugly points and nonetheless the person is absolute for you, everything that makes life worth living, that you see perfection in imperfection itself. And that is how we should learn to love the world.”

There is no such thing as the perfect man or woman. There is, however, a person who is perfect for you. And I'm very lucky to have found the man who's perfect for me (and who luckily thinks I'm perfect for him, too, or things might have gotten uncomfortably stalk-y).

He normally prefers to be a bit stealth, but I believe you should be the recipient of much fuss on your Once A Year Day. What better way to ensure fuss than asking the blog to help celebrate?

Happy birthday, David (aka The Boy)!


Colleen said…
Happy Birthday! An excellent day for a birthday, as it is my eldest's as well!
k said…
Happy Birthday! Glad to (sort of) know you!
Diane said…
Happy, happy birthday!
Anonymous said…
Lene, hope you had a wonderful B-day!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday David! Hope you have a wonderful day. Take care of yourself and Lene. Best wishes to you both. :)