Reason #813 Why I Love Living Downtown

I’m on Waterfront Toronto’s email list and last week, got a notice that Sherbourne Common was officially opening on July 26. With a party and politicians and music, so why not go? Especially since it’s a 10 minute walk from my place.

Wandered down there on the weekend by the quest for no work and some peace and took a lot of pictures of a very cool area that I'll post another day. Today is about Tuesday and why it is reason #813 I love living downtown.

Sherbourne Common is part of the Waterfront Toronto project that is revitalizing the New Blue Edge

Remember Sugar Beach? Not just the accessibility work, but taking the Tinks there and having a blast. Sherbourne Common is more than just park – it’s a water sanitation system that takes the area’s stormwater, treats it with UV filtration, sends the clean water – almost potable, actually – into three 9m high towers


Then it falls down into beautiful pools in a curtain and is sent out to Lake Ontario. This is park, art and usefulness all in one and I haven’t yet assimilated the whole thing. There's more on the link above, including a video from the opening.

The party got started with The Monkeybunch singing for a group of kids from a local daycamp

Based on the amount of media, you could tell it was kind of a big deal


And here are the reasons for the media: Peter Kent, federal Minster of the Environment, Glen Murray, our MPP and Provincial Minister of Research and Innovation, a City Councillor (whose names I have unfortunately forgotten) and speaking, Mark Wilson, Chair of Waterfront Toronto.

I photographed a photographer, mostly because I loved her hair

The kids had a blast on the playground

Caught Bruce from Waterfront Toronto with the big scissors (I need a pair, I really do)

On the way home, I got stopped at a light while they moved equipment from the location shot of Total Recall. For a minute, I thought I'd caught Colin Farrell in the car, but alas, no...

And that was a regular Tuesday downtown...


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