Not too long ago, I mentioned that Ken had asked me to come with him to a fancy event, which naturally send me into a frenzy of overthinking, given that I haven't been out to anything fancy for years. Said event was this

The March of Domes' 60th celebration. Seeing the program brought me from overthinking into anxiety. Not only was is being held that one of the fanciest places I know, the Royal York hotel, but there were also going to be Important People there. Although I did manage to find clothes in my closet that fit the bill, when I tried makeup, it made me itch - damn fibromyalgia and its chemical insensitivities - and my elegant shoes hurt my feet, so I chose comfort over style. Essentially, I hoped the clothes would distract from the lack of fancy on my face and feet and designs. There were Very Important People in the room, so I could stay in the shadows.

Before everything got going, we play tourists and took photos of the lobby 

ourselves attacking a hapless piano

the Canadian Room where the dinner was held (this one is for Janne/TinkMama who wanted to know what it looked like) 

and the breadbasket

Photo by Ken

Because... well, don't everyone take pictures of their food when it looks that good or is it just my family?

And then there was speeches, some of them better than others, but most very good. The man who accepted the award for TD Bank was particularly impressive in terms of his inclusivity and perspective on hiring people with disabilities. This is one of the reasons I bank there. But then came the main event, the keynote speaker and I don't often gush - okay, I do gush when it's warranted and in this case, it really is. Bob Woodruff from ABC News spoke about his experience being wounded in Iraq and his recovery. and it was the closest I came to doing a standing ovation in longer than I can remember. His grace and eloquence when telling this difficult story and his leadership in bringing attention to injured veterans are impressive, commendable and he is clearly a good man.