The Best Intentions

I sat down (metaphorically) at the computer, fully intending to write something clever, thoughtful and erudite for today's post. I feel as if I've woefully neglected my blog in the insanity that has been the launch of MyRACentral's Arthritis Awareness Month festivities (new contest starts today!). In order to be clever, thoughtful and erudite, I need mental space to wander about and kick the baseboards (again, metaphorically), letting my brain chew at the week's happenings and sooner or later, something will crop up.

Not today, it won't.

The stress bunny thing has continued to the point that I've entered a binary state. I'm either full-on hysterical, getting ever closer to my goal of moving faster than the speed of light and juggling roughly 26.5 balls or a vacant blob, capable only of drooling (usually metaphorically) in front of the TV. Friends have told me they don't expect much from me this month and I am grateful for their understanding, because I'm starting to believe they may be right.

I took the weekend off. Well, more to the point, The Boy stated his intention to "come over and sit on me" to prevent me from working and followed through (largely metaphorically). This meant really good food, excellent conversation, wandering about the neighborhood taking pictures of flowers in bloom or a state of imminent bloom


utilizing his shoes as a playground for Lucy

having several naps and as an added bonus, getting my mother booked on Angry Birds. When I went back to work again last night, I even felt vaguely human.

Not human enough, I'm sorry to say, that I could come up with something brilliant about last Friday. I had plans, really I did. This year, I was finally going to remember that my 6th blogiversary is in early May, not the end of the month. I was going to do something cool. Following through on my intentions from last year where I murmured mysteriously about having plans for something nifty that would happen around this date. The plan was to change the look of the blog and it didn't happen. It also didn't happen this year, because I can't find a template among the new ones offered by Blogger that speaks to me in the same way this one does. By the time I finally accepted that the nifty changes weren't going to happen this year either, I moved on to the idea of writing something meaningful about this community, this world that has taken me in. I was going to write about how much you mean to me, about feeling so blessed - I have friends I have never seen, support, encouragement and laughs. I have knitwear sent to me in the mail - knitters are the best! - from Earin (here I attempt to look like a fancy model, but instead only succeed in looking like a dork)

and LynnM (who still doesn't have a blog, but really should) 

and I consider myself a lucky, lucky woman. Because of you.

That didn't happen. The writing of something beautiful and profound, that is. Instead, you get the binary me who feels wholly and completely like I won the lottery. Thanks for being there.