A Tink & Sadie Christmas

We have a new addition to the family! Sadie celebrated her first Christmas with us on Friday and was a terrific addition to the festivities. And just who is Sadie, you ask? Michele's new Jack Russel-Corgi puppy

 Adorable - as Morgan said once or twice - and has a wonderful personality. We all had a blast playing with her.

And we all had a blast in general. The anticipation was palpable

There was singing

And laughing

And playing with presents

Magic. Just magic



AlisonH said…
Beautiful, Lene!
Jocelyn said…
You've captured that wide-eyed look of magic and wonder, and the happiness of the holiday, absolutely perfectly! Glad Jul :)
Kitten said…
they're. so. big.
Beautiful, Lene!