Random December

It seems as if Europe's getting all the snow that Canada normally again - here are some photos of London after their latest snowstorm. Of course, then there's the calamity that just hit the eastern US - found this video of a blizzard time lapse. Pretty impressive.

In other news, there's a town that can't find a jury who's willing to convict on a charge of possession of a small amount of marijuana. This one deserves a post of its own, but it's the end of the year and I'm back to work. Well, not just that - I'm also having the hardest time getting out of vacation mode, so I'm doing whatever I can do to increase my chances of vegging with a good book or a movie. To that end, I also found this video about bikes in Copenhagen. I have half a mind to send it to our esteemed new mayor and waiting to see if his head explodes. And in a completely random segue, albeit staying within YouTube, here is a perfect illustration of what happens between siblings.

Mor sent me a link to a Lufthansa exercise in geography. I may have included it in the past Random post, but it's fun, so I'll do it again. Dawn sent me a link to a Flickr gallery called Urban Decay and I wish I'd taken some of those photos. And from LynnM, a series of videos from Ivekt on handy household tips, such as folding socks, hiding a hole in your wall from your landlady and how to clean the cat. I have crush. Ivekt no suck.

Trevor's contribution this month includes a piece of computer history featuring John Cleese and that's never bad, as story of someone's bad day that trumps pretty much all bad days, a list of 20 things that became obsolete this past decade (several of which made me cry and feel very old) and some really excellent and highly sarcastic reviews of interesting products for sale on Amazon. And lastly, to commemorate the season, what to do when your holiday gets interrupted by the zombie apocalypse.

The Boy's family has been keeping me entertained, as well. Richard got in the game with a cartoon about the fate of the diary in the blogging age and another one with a bit of revisionist fairytale history. Janet sent me a terrific and very literal poster, a story about what can happen when you bathe in scented products instead of dabbing a little bit on and a link to one of the Cheezburger nation's subsites, this one about weddings. Which pretty much guarantees that I'll never get married.

And from David, an illustration on how far we've come in terms of memory storage (which also made me cry and feel very old, but did so while blowing my mind) and a story on how owners of order collies are renting sheep to keep their dogs from getting bored. And then this last Random posts of the year, a wonderful video animation of a wonderful and completely delicious piece by Stephen Fry on language, in which he smacks down linguistic pendants and calls for a deeper enjoyment of language. Just listen to the way he says the word enjoy at the very beginning. it can positively make you blush.


Colleen Humphreys said…
That snow in London thing would be amusing, if my daughter hadn't been so upset.   Her boyfriend was stuck in Scotland, unable to get home for over a week, because of 3 inch snowstorms...then, finally, he was able to fly home, to get postponed one more day, for the 12+inch storm in Boston.   London:  over week because of 3 inches.   Boston:  one day for 12 inches.   Sigh.