Very Big Weekend

Meet my new baby

Her name's Lexie and she can do everything. Well, except intimidate Lucy, who adopted the big box the minute it entered the house. Lexie's an early Christmas present from The Boy and this officially makes him Best Boyfriend Imaginable. I am now a writer who can print, copy, fax and scan - with a sheet feeder! You wouldn't believe the excitement...

After playing with Lexie, we went to see Mazowsze, a Polish folkdance group (video here) so I could get immersed in part of The Boy's cultural heritage. It was amazing and I had a blast - the costumes were incredible, the dancing wonderful and the singing was beautiful - I've no idea what they were singing about, but it sounded good. And then there were the yips - exclamations by the female singers to express... erm... encouragement? Excitement? Well, Janet called them yips. I think they sounded more like a mix of Lucy when she's excited and a hungry velociraptor - watch the video and let me know your interpretation.

And yesterday, it was time for the annual Christmas Seaon Harbinger: the Santa Claus Parade and everyone were very excited

Participating in the parade is a family event

There were skunks, princesses and really weird floats

Mascots and really big instruments

The only thing better than a man in a kilt is many men in kilts

Don't know how they did it without losing appendages - it was cold. Mor bundled up

And so did I

Photo by David

I am now persuaded about the usefulness of hats - without it, I would've been an icicle.  Now I just have to figure out how to put it on myself - a bit of a challenge when your shoulders have limited mobility.

The last couple of years, watching the parade has become a competitive sport with people being remarkably unconcerned with blocking others' view. This guy looked straight at me and went ahead anyway
But no matter. Finally, the guy we were all waiting for arrived

And the countdown begins. 


AlisonH said…
North Pole vicinity... Will I get in trouble if I say Santa is a great Dane.
Anonymous said…
You finally have a printer??  OMG!  Yay!!
Anonymous said…
wonder if your motors would have been more powerful than his brakes?
I think that knitted guy float is a character from a video game, but I can't swear to it.
k said…
I never realized that about myself. Especially if you get to wear leggings and runners underneath.
The parade reminds me of the parades back in Butternut. Just add in a few more feed trucks. said…
I did Polish dancing when I was a kid- my mom forced me to  But I did like the sparkley costumes.